Why Cheshire

Why Cheshire - A place to invest

Here's why Cheshire is the right choice for your business.

The Cheshire & Warrington area enjoys a strategic location at the very heart of the United Kingdom. Our communication links are 'second to none' and whilst our businesses benefit from the close proximity of three economically significant conurbations, the high quality of life is among the greatest of the region’s attractions on offer.

The region has a vibrant economy with numerous successful businesses operating across a wide range of sectors, including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, automotive, financial services, manufacturing, professional services and creative industries.

All of the businesses operating within this region benefit substantially from the area’s close proximity and convenient transport links with Manchester and Liverpool, and the two cities’ respective international airports. Among the cities that have particularly enjoyed substantial and rapid economic growth are Warrington, Chester and Crewe.

The Cheshire and Warrington sub region is made up of three borough councils:

Cheshire and Warrington Matters - Click here to download the Strategic Economic and Growth Plan.

Quality of Life

There are many attractions that contribute to making the quality of life in Cheshire and Warrington so high, as recently recognised by The Sunday Times in its specifying Chester, Hale and Northwich in its ‘Top 10 Most Desirable Places to live in the North West’.

The quality of life for people in Cheshire and Warrington is very high (92% satisfaction), and above the national average (89%). There is a good sense of place, with Cheshire and Warrington’s residents feeling like they belong to their neighbourhood or community (59%), which is on par with England (59%).

Cheshire East, specifically Macclesfield, offers a very high quality of life, which is reflected in the large number of well-qualified people opting to settle down in this area. For instance, data suggests that the proportion of 16-64 year-old residents with a qualification at or above first degree level is 47.0% in the former District of Macclesfield, compared to only 29.9% in the Manchester District and 33.8% in Stockport. Clearly, Cheshire is an attractive residential location for many people who hold high-skill jobs in neighbouring areas, such as Greater Manchester.

Social inclusion and deprivation is a driving force behind the socio-economic development of any place. Cheshire & Warrington compares very favourably to its more urban neighbours such as Greater Manchester, Merseyside & Halton and North Staffordshire. In fact, 40% of the population sit within the least deprived category. This becomes significant and a real asset when compared to Greater Manchester and Merseyside & Halton, which stand at 6% and 5%, respectively.